IMG_3144Our Portland plans began to fall through.  We had already extended our stay with the Gordon’s in Seattle, and I had plans to meet Betsy, a friend from St. Charles who had moved back to the Portland area the next day for lunch. In desperation, I rented a motel.  Linda drove us down to Portland, as she had an errand to run while we settled into the room, and then she returned to pick us up and drop us off in the city.

We strolled through Powell’s, because I guess you haven’t seen Portland unless you visit this huge bookstore! We went to the Chinese Garden, but decided we did not want to pay the $10 each admission.  Dinner was a lucky last-day offer of a BOGO Noodles coupon.  Timing couldn’t have been better!  Our impression of Portland: Lots of homeless.  Funky.  Weird. I think we like Seattle city a little better.

Took the Maxx train back to the motel, and Adam crashed. He slept for 14 hours! I measured him a couple days later, and I think he grew 1/2 inch!

Betsy picked us up at checkout time, and we headed over to The Grotto, in a light mist.  It’s a Catholic garden, very peaceful and well-maintained, with a great view from the Meditation Chapel.IMG_3145

After lunch at 5 Guys Burgers, we tried to find my cousin Alison’s house.  I had the wrong address, and the neighborhood seemed a little sub-par for my cousin, and we could not locate the house.  Finally I figured out the correct address, and we arrived with little fanfare from Elsa the dog.  My cousin arrived home from work early with her son in tow.  He was not feeling well, and had come home early from school. Adam had gone longboarding, so Ben and I played cards while Alison made dinner.IMG_3150

After dinner, Alison’s husband, Mike, who is a computer guru, helped me with this blog site.  THANK YOU MIKE!  It has taken me 4 months, 3 themes, and 3 computer people to get this blog where I want it to be! I loved to see how Mike came alive while he was helping with the website.  It’s cool when people groove when they are enjoying doing something.